Fulbright Scientific is proudly founded and located in beautful southwest Michigan, USA. Our mission is
to bring tailored, scaled, client-centered solutions to our customers across North America. From high-
precision measuring tools and perishable tooling to full-scale machinery like vertical mills and lathes, we
offer a vast selection of industry products as well.
We have deep industry understanding born from personal and professional experience. Our
500,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse in Novi, Michigan is supplied with over 450,000 unique
products. Our premium product portfolio is made in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and China.
With this, we bring you a first in our industry—self-serve online ordering, same day shipping (for orders
placed before 5:00PM EST), and fully automated subscription services of the highly specialized resources
your business relies upon.
With the subscription service tool (free of charge), you can build your quick order pad with re-occuring order items such as perishable tooling for example, and those deliveries occur at the frequency you desire. This affords our customer(s) two major benefits. (1) A single source Industrial Supply Management System (ISMS) controlled by you, our customer, through the Fulbright Scientific website. With the ablilty to add users, control user acces levels, and set internal purchase approval's. (2) By populating the quick order pad with perishable items such as tooling, we eliminate the need for costly tool vending service contracts, while managing your inventory order control through the quick order pad tool. It is a powerful tool focused around efficiancy and visiblity - where the end result is making the most of your resources!